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Specialist Support


Our South Australian team of experienced Specialist Support Co-ordinators work alongside NDIS Participants to support each person with reaching their unique short and long term NDIS goals. We assist our participants in finding a suitable forever home or short term accommodation, with an appropriate amount of support to meet each unique need, as well as co-ordinating complex cases and resolving urgent crisis.

We are registered NDIS Providers, this means that all of our policies, and procedures are in line with the NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission guidelines and NDIS Legislation. Specialist Support Coordination is an NDIS-specific service, where an appropriately qualified and experienced professional will assist individuals in ensuring a consistent delivery of services.

our services

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Our role is to coordinate urgent hospital discharge by sourcing suitable housing with appropriate care. This may be back to the family home with increased NDIS funded support hours, supported independent living accommodation (SIL) or even specialist disability accommodation (SDA) - among many other options. 


complex specialist support coordination

Specialist Support Coordination differs to Support Coordination in that we can confidently manage more complex situations and circumstances in a timely and efficient manner, whilst assisting you in using the funding in your NDIS plan effectively.


exploring housing options

When a person's support-needs or accommodation circumstances change, our goal is to support the individual in identifying and choosing alternate living and housing arrangements.

We will guide the transition into the new accommodation whilst ensuring the person receives the right amount of NDIS funded support - specific to each individuals needs.


person centered approach

A person-centred approach is where the person is placed at the centre of the service and treated as a person first. The focus is on the person and what they can do, not their condition or disability. Support should focus on achieving the person's aspirations and be tailored to their needs and unique circumstances.

Contact us

We welcome you, your family member or a trusted person to contact us over the phone for any questions, enquiries or further information on 0434 528 623.


Otherwise, if you prefer written communication, you can emails us directly or use the contact entry form, and we can get back to you.

Thank you for your email, we will be in contact


0434 528 623

PO Box 496 92 Walkerville Terrace, WALKERVILLE, SA, 5081

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